Security System Integrators

Break-in. Hack-in. Fire. Theft. It only has to happen to your organization once to appreciate the value of an appropriate security system to prevent it.

As a full-service security systems integration company, Protec designs, installs and maintains comprehensive security systems for a variety of markets including schools, government offices, businesses and manufacturing facilities in Portland, Oregon and throughout the Northwest. Whether you need a stand-alone intrusion prevention system or a complex security solution with access control, video surveillance security, fire alarms and more, Protec has the competence and experience to install the safeguards to protect your enterprise. We work with a number of trusted partners: Sielox, S2 Security, DSX, DoorKing, DMP, Silent Knight, IQInVision, Axis, ALD Security, OnSSI, Openeye, Vigilant, Fargo, IDenticard, Integral Technologies, Panasonic, Pelco and Bosch to provide the highest quality security system solutions. And, we serve you better because our security experts are right here in Portland, Oregon and are familiar with all internal and external threats.

Answer the question: ‘What do we have to lose?’
Then call Protec.


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